The Tequesta Brewing Co.

The Tequesta Brewing Co. started as South Florida’s first micro brewing company and over time has turned into one of the areas most desirable destination for locals and visitors alike. On top of the numerous outstanding micro brews that they offer they also feature a unique growler filling machine that ensures the brew quality for up to two weeks. They feature a one of a kind brewery experience that is sure to exceed any and all of your expectations. The Tequesta Brewing Co. features a staff full of very talented and friendly brewing professionals that take pride in being part of a team that puts out a premium product. We warn you though one sip of any of their outstanding brews and no other beer will satisfy you ever again.

The Tequesta Brewing Co.:

Address: 287 U.S 1 Tequesta, Florida 33469

Phone: (561) 745-5000



Hours: Tue through Sun (12pm to 11pm)