It Is Manatee Awareness Month!

manateeAll year round you can see the gentle giant that is the Manatee roam throughout South Florida and their magic is sure to exceed all of your expectations. However, sightings do tend to be more frequent during the months of November to April.

During these months Manatees tend to head to warmer water in places like freshwater springs and other places where the water temps stay more constant year round. These endangered species despite their size have very little body fat and need warmer water to survive and thrive. As the winter months bring colder weather and colder water we see Manatees travel inland offering kayakers, paddle boarders, and boaters the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of these truly majestic creatures. Seeing a large gathering of Manatees in one place is an absolutely magnificent thing but it is very important to mind your “Manatee Manners” and remember that these gentle see cows are there for survival so please enjoy looking but do not disturb them.

It is very important during Manatee Awareness Month and throughout the months from November to April that you obey all speed zones in order to protect our beloved manatee sanctuaries. Before you go out boating during manatee season be sure you become familiar with Florida’s rules for boating on waterways during this time of year. Keep your vessel away from the manatee sanctuaries and find a safe place to anchor while manatee watching. Please help us as we concentrate our efforts in order to protect and amplify the healthy habitats for our growing manatee population.