Rooney’s Public House

Every effort and expense has been paid to ensure that you will enjoy a true Irish experience when you enter the Rooney’s Public House. The Bar features the best in Irish whiskies and spirits, Rooney’s Old Irish Ale, the finest Guinness you will find and a variety of other beers and ales. The menu also features several traditional Irish meals that are made with the highest quality ingredients and true Irish flavor. Rooney’s also features live music most nights to provide the traditional atmosphere of Ireland’s own music pubs. In fact, the Pub its self was brought from Ireland and constructed in Florida. Most of what you see in the pub was taken from old buildings in Ireland and used in the construction to give an old world setting.

The menu features numerous fabulous choices that include a variety of soups and salads, numerous great sandwiches, Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Fish and Chips, and so many more options to choose from.

One defining aspect of Rooney’s is obviously not Irish. You will find banners, posters, photographs, and even a few trophies’ that let the new customer know that the Steelers are a large part of the pubs atmosphere.

1153 Town Center Drive



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