Fullterton Island to be Turned into a Destination

Fullerton Island is getting a makeover. Over the next few weeks, workers will start to remove nonnative vegetation on the town-owned island in Jupiter in preparation for the new nature preserve that will welcome small boats and kayakers.

JUPITER HIGH 106bThe plan calls for more than just removing the vegatation, such as Australian pines and Brazilian pepper. They will also grade the island to a level for wetland preservation, promoting growth for native plants and increase water flow. About 3,000 knee-high mangrove seedlings will also be planted on the 12-acre island.

In addition to the new improvements, a new dive and kayak rental business is expected to open in the old Quarterdeck restaurant location on Indiantown Road, which is across from Fullerton Island. The improvements to Fullerton Island are intended to be part of the increased emphasis on ecotourism in northern Palm Beach County.

“We’re restoring a vital natural area with mangroves and other native plants that will draw birds and be a nursery for sea life,” said Julie Bishop, an environmental program supervisor with Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management.

Also included in the $2.1 million project will be a daytime public dock for about six small motorized boats and a water taxi that will allow non-boaters access to a covered picnic area on the island. The project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014.

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