The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff is a consignment business that was created in February 2009 by Jacque Blair, Rhonda Gagliardi, and Kim Moore. The Good Stuff is situated off the beaten path but has become a favorite stop for consignment buyers and sellers. The Good Stuff features furniture, decorative accessories, mirrors, artwork, tables, sofas, armoires, trunks, bookcases, dressers, desks, lamps, and repurposed stuff. The Good Stuff prices its inventory affordably from the moment is enters the shop to promote fast turn over, and they only keep items for 60 days. The Good Stuff is a place you will never forget housing a variety of interesting items from a 12 point buck wearing lipstick, earrings and a tiara to an armadillo with a tutu, pink nail polish and a tiara. When visiting The Good Stuff Consignment Shop you can’t help but smile and you might even discover a treasure or two. The Good Stuff has everything and anything to fulfill all your needs and wants. The Good Stuff Consignment Shop is always looking for new consignors to bring in new inventory.