Manatee Queen

The Manatee Queen is a boat adventure charter business that offers daily tours of the Loxahatchee River and Intracoastal Waterway. When aboard the Manatee Queen you will see and experience some of South Florida’s natural wonders as well as the ability to relax on its romantic sunset tours.

Some of the amazing tours that are offered by the Manatee Queen include a Jupiter Island Tour, a Sunset Cruise, a Moonlight Cruise, a Historical Lecture Cruise, Nature Information Cruise, and private charters. As well as special cruise opportunities such as Boat Parades, Fireworks Cruise, Loxahatchee River Cruise, and private group charters.

The captain is a highly attentive and extremely knowledgeable man who strives to produce a quality and exciting adventure every time he departs the marina. The captain constantly narrates during the tour making sure to point out things that a beginner’s inexperienced eye might miss. There are numerous rave reviews that recommend this tour over and over again for people of any age from anywhere.

You will need to contact the Manatee Queen for ticket prices and departure times!

Manatee Queen