Every 2nd Friday in Abacoa: Food Truck Invasion

Coming up this weekend in the Abacoa Town Center of Jupiter, Florida is the “Food Truck Invasion.” They will coming every second Friday of the month. They started coming around  in January, will continue until May and you will not want to miss out!

If you haven’t heard or taken part in the latest food craze, the Food Truck, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Food trucks are a gourmet sensation taking the country by storm and now coming to Abacoa. Each “invasion” brings a multitude of different food trucks each selling their own creations. If you’re thinking it sounds a little funny, the idea of getting your meal from a truck, you aren’t alone. However, these trucks have been recognized around the world for their mobile delicacies and high level of quality. You will see a range of unique cuisines represented from: American, Italian, Thai and French. Generally the dishes are a mix of different cultures fused to create ridiculously, good combinations. A variety of the trucks offer things like vegan tacos, fried delights, risottos, burgers, desserts and more. You are guaranteed  to get a unique experience when you come to this event! These events perfect  the idea of bringing fine dining to a casual setting.

The Abacoa Town Center is the location, food trucks bring the food and you can bring whatever else your heart desires. You can bring blankets and chairs; grab some gourmet tacos and head down to the grassy amphitheater to watch the live performances. Each event features different musicians from DJs to guitarists. The Jupiter locals have been swarming to these events and swear by the food.  Don’t miss this weekend’s Food Truck Invasion on Friday, March 8 starting at 4 pm.

For more information about the Food Truck Invasion visit the link below!