Casa Cuba Bar and Restaurant

The Casa Cuba Bar and Restaurant is an absolutely wonderful welcoming and friendly Spanish and Cuban restaurant that is located in the very warm and tropical town of Jupiter, Florida. Casa Cuba is a highly desirable family style restaurant that specializes in high quality extremely fresh authentic Cuban and Spanish cuisine. You can really feel and enjoy the nostalgia of Cuba during the 1950’s glory days that is featured in their tropical deco architectural design setting. Both owners grew up in Cuba and graduated from the Higher Hotel Management School in Matanzas, Cuba. Bringing with them a deep knowledge and love of Cuban and Spanish cuisine. The staff as Casa Cuba is a very friendly and energetic group of very knowledgeable professionals that take pride in striving to create the most amazing dining experience for each and every one of their customers. The menu features some great appetizers such as fried calamari, shrimp cocktail, fried breaded ham sticks, fried pork chunks, and so much more. The menu also features fabulous entrée options that include many fabulous pork, chicken, beef, and seafood meals. Casa Cuba also offers a night club on Friday and Saturday after 10 with free salsa lessons on Friday after 10.

Casa Cuba Bar and Restaurant
Address: 6230 Indiantown Road, No. 10
Phone: 561-741-3378
Web page:

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