Big Dog Ranch Rescue Needs your Help! Vote Now!!

Vote for Dog Ranch RescueBig Dog Ranch Rescue has been accepted into the ASPCA’s Rachel Ray annual $100K Challenge, which is a special contest to challenge shelters across the country to come up with innovative ways to engage the community and get more homeless pets placed in a forever home.

There are only 150 shelters competing in the first phase of the competition which is the two-week “Qualifying Heat” that kicks off at noon today until midnight, Monday, April 16. In this two week time period, Big Dog Ranch must be voted in by our supporters and fans to qualify to the next round. Only the top 50 shelters receiving the most votes will move on to the final competition for the $100,000 top award and to be eligible for grant funding. Big Dog Ranch is very hopeful that you will all get involved with this competition as if we win this will give us the funds to build our quarantine facility and allow us to save many more homeless pets from shelter’s whose time is up. Please, please take one minute a day out of your time to help us win and save more lives. Also please pass this along to all your friends and remind them to vote every day.

Voting Instructions:

You can vote once a day everyday day from April 5th- April 16th per email address. You will be sent an email the first time you vote confirming your email address. Please confirm your email so they count your vote. They will only do this the first time you vote.

Please vote every day. Just click on “Click to Vote” below or click on this link:

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