55 Miles to Paradise!

When you live in south Florida, you have the world at your fingertips, literally. Owning a home in Jupiter puts you just 55 nautical miles away from the Bahamas. How many people have that in their backyard?! The trip by boat is a couple of hours from the Jupiter Inlet to West End, Grand Bahama (an island of the Abacos). For many who live in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart and the rest of Palm Beach County, the summer holidays are spent in the Bahamian islands. If you don’t have a boat or boating isn’t your thing, don’t fret! The flights to the Bahamas are very affordable and fly out from West Palm and Fort Lauderdale all the time. The Bahamas features limitless activities for those who don’t own a private boat. Day or multi day cruises are available to and from the Bahamas as well!

The Abaco Islands are a small chain of islands, made up of 31 unique districts found in the Bahamas. These keys have earned their reputation as the “boating capital of the world.” Surrounded by warm, flawless waters and white sandy shawls, the Abacos are like little gems floating in a blue oasis. Each island claims its own flair but they all fit into a charming colonial theme. Form island-to-island, district-to-district, you will find something different about each island that makes it a like a whole new world from the next.

The homes and resorts are colorful and charming. The natural vegetation of the islands is rich, overflowing with palm trees and shrubbery speckled with fiery, orange flowers and bursts of pinks, yellows and reds.  Your days spent here will be immersed in the local wildlife. Thousands of striking birds call these islands home, and the waters are brimming with sea life. Standing on the beaches of the Abacos it is rare not to see porpoises and turtles come up for a breath. When you venture into the water starfish and sand dollars dot the shallow waters.

Sizzling Fun and Endless Adventure Calling Your Name! 

Exploration calls in the Bahamas! There is a boundless list of fun things to do when you stay here! Boating enthusiasts will never run out of things to do or places to explore. With each isle comes a unique attraction, some with lighthouses, some with great history, pink sand beaches, some with caves and most with lively bars and pools. The locals are welcoming and hospitable. You will love the indigenous cuisine, which boasts fresh ingredients from the land and sea. Once you dive into the waters, you enter a new world. When it comes to snorkeling, the Bahamas is world-class. Put on your mask and the world changes! Underwater you will see sea fans, coral, caves and all of its residents. Other activities to do on the water include: leisurely sailing, world-class fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and more. On land you can find a number of great pools, some of the resorts offer casinos, fine and causal restaurants and enchanting boutiques.

The Abacos and the Islands of the Bahamas are Florida’s neighbors, making Jupiter even a more desirable place for you to call home!


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